Saturday, December 15, 2007

Harry Potter DVD!

: Ok, Harry Potter and the Order of Phoenix DVD was released 4 days ago, and I'm debating if I should get it now or just wait for that Harry Potter THE WHOLE SET!

Death in Love

: I remember having this little discussion with somebody about why they fear Death. I'm just wondering if Death is in love and yet he is bound to be alone for eternity, what would that be like for him and to that being he wants to be with. Oh yes, sorry for the second drawing there, I drew that pic on my 11"x17" pad and my scanner is like only 8"x11".....sigh....Oh well yo!

Elements WIP

: Just doing some mini element goddesses.

Comic in Flash

: I really need to learn how to draw in different styles yo. Actually, it's fun having different styles. It gives varieties to your style. Also, I'm just trying to see if I can do some "comic" style while using Flash. Now I just need to draw guys, monsters and a whole lot of things yo!

Future Skaters

: If you wtch Eureka (an anime) or have seen the episode of Ben 10 in the future (CN cartoon), yeah, that's how I got the reason to draw this set.....there's more coming.

Season Goddesses

: This set is my never ending, always revising set, The Goddesses of Seasons. I always, ALWAYS keep on changing their looks and styles, but I hope once I color them I hope I'll be satisfied on their final look.

: This one is Spring.

: This is Summer

: This one here is Ms. Autumn/Fall

: Finally, this is Winter!